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Yesterday was a good day. It was a good day because I worked for it and showed myself what I truly need in life to have happiness.

On my flight adventure back to school, I listened to soley podcasts. One of those being “Ten Percent Happier” where the guest explained how life isnt about being excited to go to bed, its about being excited to wake up the next morning and have yourself a good day. Its about surrounding yourself in an enviroment where you can work on yourself and changing your mindset to know that the bad times bring good times- whatever that ends up being.

Yesterday, I woke up and immediately did yoga (I’m on day 23 of my challenge) and then even made my bed- something I don’t normally do, but is an action that really makes your day more productive and put together. I looked at my to-do list and knew that even in my overloaded mind that I was going to get it all done.

Yesterday was also a day filled with good friends and good times. I spent my whole day sitting on the porch and working on chemistry while the sun felt like summer.

Yesterday I took care of myself: ate multiple nutritious meals, worked out, did yoga, had a good skin care routine, and even hung out with other people.

Yesterday was a good day. I can make today, tomorrow, and any other day a good day. When in doubt, know that happiness comes from the good times, good people, and feeling good as you. Start somewhere.

ocean drive in 30.